A better way to save,access and use data for farmers

This is the technology which will make it easy for agriculture sectors to be linked with other sectors in different ways which will make agriculture more digitilized .

Get farmercode

After being registred in our system you will get personal code as farmercode which will help to access other services that may helps you to expand your agriculture especially your harvesting data . with this code also everytime you sold with our system you will get direct notification giving you data update on your phone

Receive harvesting payments digitally

Smart ikigega you will be able to get paid while selling your harvesting and receive money for free on the provided code while that gotten when registred to our system using their phone.

Get harvesting insurance

Climate change are the most effective things that happen to the farmers destroying their harvesting here after being our system user you will be able to get the harvesting insurance that can helps to recover without asking helps.

Direct loan on your mobile

While you are active member of our system you have the right to ask the direct loan on your mobile depending on your harvesting quantity in a given time.